Thursday, October 1, 2009

Balance is always hard - even when not working

You would think I would write more since being laid off. But in fact, there becomes a frenzy to try to fit in all those things you feel that you ought to do - more working out, more lunches with friends, more networking. Part of it is catching up from lost time; no time to do anything over the last year other than the basics - work, family, run. What makes the list, and how much time do I really have? Am I doing something because I feel like I should do it or because I really want to.

Then there's the balance of trying to find something fun to do, while still looking for a job opportunity that's interesting and career-building. "Isn't it fun to be off?" friends will ask. Sort of. I love planning a long ride, but what happens when that's the only time for an interview? Unfortunately, in this economy, I need to eventually find the job. So the bike ride waits.

I'm getting to the end of my time off and I still find that the photo albums aren't done, the clutter in the closet is still there and my papers aren't filed. Oh yes - those aren't "fun" activities. Guess they didn't make the cut.