Friday, June 18, 2010

The dreaded email - it's YOUR turn to bring snacks

I was THAT parent. The one that forgot the snack. 

Why oh why was the snack schedule at the end of the email? I completely missed it. And as everyone knows, the hand-clapping, congratulations at the end of a game is really a sprint to get to the snack first. And our team has had some amazingly creative ones this season.

As one of the assistant coaches for my son's baseball team, I cleaning up a little after the game, as usual, but away from the snack location, so I guess that I missed the howls of hunger and disappointment. Since it was a hot Saturday, I had promised the kids smoothies afterwards, so the snack never crossed my mind. As we passed by the other team, I glanced around and though (as were a dozen other parents, I'm sure), "Huh? Our parent must of forgotten. how could someone forget something so important."  My kids put up a small ruckus , but were easily calmed when reminded of the smoothie. A small dark cloud passed through my mind. I'm sure it wasn't me, I told myself.

As soon as we got home, I rushed to the computer to check email. Yes, there was my name! Oh, the shame! Later, one of the coaches tried to assure me that only one kid noticed. Yeah, sure, but thanks for trying to make me feel better.

I did get the make up game snack. And of course, it was a nightmare week at work, my husband was traveling and we had to plan for my daughter's birthday party (and I had book club). My coolness factor went up a notch when the pizza truck drove up the curb, down the path to the baseball field. "Cool, pizza!" Yes, pizza can be delivered almost anywhere; even the diamond "in the back corner."