Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taking time with friends - through running

Often in our busy lives, we put off doing something with friends. Today I just finished a half marathon with a friend and I'm grateful for so many parts of the morning.

We met at 6 am, and were home by 11:30. There was not a lot of impact to our families, but we got caught up on so many things. During the drive up, we covered topics like homework, bullies and yoga (I need to do that more!). On the way back, we talked about meeting our husbands, plans for the rest of the day and week, and a promise on when to next run together.

The best part is that we had to put all that aside to focus on our own performance for a few hours. I got to test my self a little - I started slow (too slow?) but was able to really push myself at the end; I got to swallow my pride, when my friend ran ahead and then feel truly proud of her at the end of the race; I got to share the glory of finishing and feeling that I (we!) accomplished something.

It's nice to have friends to do these activities with. I have a sounding board for worries and get ideas for how to handle situations - with work, family and me. I also get inspired to do new things. I haven't done yoga in awhile. We really could meet for a movie and I can see another Oscar contender before it's too late.

And, I get my exercise too. There's nothing more motivating that having to meet friends early in the morning. You can push each other during the run (or not, if it's a bad day). Sometimes, I get so many ideas of things to do or try, that I have to write them down before driving home - easy dinner idea, new book, or a way to deal with one of my kids. Often, this is the only way we get to catch up, so when one of us is sick or injured, the rest have to patiently wait for the other to rejoin.

Part of my motivation for staying uninjured is to keep up this part of my life. It's a great way to enjoy the scenery, friends and life.