Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Sense of Balance

I've maintained a sense of balance - or what I perceived as balance - for years. Balance between work, home and me. After finding myself organized out of a job, I realize that I was not only off-balance lately, but now I have to find a new balancing point.

How do I balance my time? How do I remember the kids' backpacks when I don't have to put mine in the car anymore? How do I remember to pick them up, since it's not after that phone call or meeting?

I think it's fun to think of all the things I can do right now, that I couldn't do before. But I have to work just as hard to get all the "must-do" things done - interviews, errands, cleaning and exercising. I find I have to work harder to schedule things at times that I'm not used to - working out later in the day, or planning time with friends.

My lists have changed, but they continue. My reliance on my calendar is even more important. Eventually, I'll get the rhythm, but it will change again. I just have to work to find that balancing point.